Stix, a craft botanical extractor, specializes in producing high grade distillate from the hemp plant. Building upon traditional processing methods in removing the plants essence, Stix has developed efficient techniques which deliver cost effective oils without compromising quality.


Quality Is the benchmark at Stix. We started our company knowing we could do better than what is on the market- not a little better, but worlds better. We know this because the products we tested came up short. How short? If a product listed its weight, it was short by at least 10%. If a product’s label said it contained a certain amount of CBD, most of the time it came up short. What really opened our eyes was the “abracadabra” marketing method of CBD sellers presenting a QR code on their product, which would lead to you to a third-party lab report. This leads the consumer to believe that the company isn’t hiding anything because they have reports. However, when we looked behind the curtain, these lab reports were years out of date or were unable to be matched up to the products.


This was our opportunity to set a higher bar for processing. We wanted to produce a high-quality final product, which meant we would have to start a hemp processing company from the ground up. We knew we had to figure out a way to collect data to have predictable outcomes and to ensure our processing was up to our standards. Therefore, we invested in high end, state of the art lab equipment to test every step of our processing. The equipment along with our qualified lab team helps to assure our processing is consistent and transparent. This gives Stix Enterprises a clear advantage, setting us apart.


Our extraction process is based on the tried-and-true method of extracting essential botanical oils from plants using high grade ethanol. This time-proven method is simple, safe, and scalable. During our thirteen-month startup we developed our methods to prove we have the ability to scale up our processing of hemp. This learning process took us from producing just 175 pounds a day to safely and consistently processing over one ton of hemp flower each day.

Our processing capacities are crafted to our clients’ needs.

We currently process the following:

High concentrate hemp bio wash

Base oil (Crude)

Decarboxylated base oil (Crude)

High purity distillate (80-85%)

CBD/ T-Free Distillate or Isolate