Quality is not just a principle; it’s the cornerstone of excellence at Stix. From our inception, we embarked on a journey with the firm belief that we could redefine industry standards – not through slight improvements, but by setting a new global benchmark for excellence. Our motivation arose from a stark realization that existing market offerings fell short of what discerning consumers truly deserved.

Rigorous Testing

Stix specializes in the meticulous refinement of hemp-derived crude oil, employing precision heat and pressure regulation to achieve unparalleled purification. Our expertise lies in offering state-of-the-art distillation services, transforming crude oil into raw or distillates of the highest quality. Additionally, through a sophisticated chemical crystallization process, we excel in the isolation of Cannabidiol (CBD). Our isolation services encompass the production of refined outputs, catering to diverse requirements, including Crude, Distillates, or Isolates.


Our extraction process is based on the tried-and-true method of extracting essential botanical oils from plants using high grade ethanol. This time-proven method is simple, safe, and scalable. During our thirteen-month startup we developed our methods to prove we have the ability to scale up our processing of hemp. This learning process took us from producing just 175 pounds a day to safely and consistently processing over one ton of hemp flower each day.

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